There is a magical quality to beeswax. It reflects light, glowing from within. The smell of beeswax in the studio is a lovely experience. Using fire and heat to manipulate the medium is challenging! Working hot and cold versus wet and dry creates a shift in mindset from traditional methods of painting and printmaking. This is what makes encaustic so alluring to work with. 

I create art to process my thoughts and feelings about the physical and spiritual world. Abstraction is used to express sensory perceptions in the natural world like texture, sound, landscape, and diverse cultural experiences. It can also embody supernatural dreams and visions.

In my art, I am always striving to capture the feeling I get when in remote places. Traveling and hiking grounds me and elevates me at the same time. It can be the stillness, or the energy of a place, that I find inspiring. Abstraction frees me from literal interpretations and transforms into pure language of emotion.



 Tina currently works in her home studio in Northern Kentucky. She studied Fine Arts at Northern Kentucky University with an area of concentration in Painting, and attended workshops at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the Arts Consortium. Recently her art journey was furthered by studying under the encaustic trailblazers Alicia Tormey, and Dietlind Vander Schaaf.

 Tina found a career as a picture-framer, freelance artist, calligrapher, and artist consultant in her early life. During the years of raising children, she taught Visual Arts for grades 1-12 at homeschool co-operatives for nine years.  Although rewarding, it left her with little time to focus on her own art.

 Today, Tina is a re-emerging artist. With a passion for creating, she has established herself as a mixed-media painter and encaustic printmaker. Her work has been shown in Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington DC.

© 2023 by Tina M. Tepe.  

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